Open Letter from Southamerican Aid “Adveniat”. | “U.S. policy must become more multilateral, anti-racist, greener…


The future US president urgently needs to review the United States’ relationship with its southern neighbors. This is what the Latin American aid agency Adveniat is calling for. The major social issues such as migration, environmental protection and climate protection, the rights of indigenous peoples and the promotion of democracy can only be answered “together and on an equal footing,” says Adveniat Chief Executive Father Michael Heinz. “The rights of Latin American migrants must no longer be trampled underfoot. Never again can thousands of children be separated from their parents at the border. Millions of Latin American migrants living in the United States must receive valid papers in order to integrate into the labor market. No one is illegal,” said Adveniat CHIEF Father Heinz. It is important that the US election send out a signal against populism, national selfishness, isolation and racism. This includes respect for the independence of Latin American cultures.

“The Corona pandemic has serious economic consequences in Latin America. Increasing poverty and social hardship are always engines of crime, violence and thus forced migration,” says Father Heinz. The solution could therefore not be to build new walls. Instead, the causes of flight should be combated more effectively. “A new anti-drugs policy is needed. In addition, the illegal and legal arms trade from the USA to Latin America must be regulated much more closely, and better still completely stopped,” says Father Heinz. American-made weapons cause suffering and violence in Latin America. The US government must invest heavily in environmental protection and sustainable energy in Latin America between 2021 and 2025, rather than threatening tariffs and penalties.

Despite the past four years under US President Donald Trump, the United States still has many admirers in Latin America because it stands for fundamental democratic rights, the power of social civil rights movements, and many success stories of Latin American immigrants in the United States. “How strong the influence of these movements is on Latin America has been demonstrated by the recent development around the anti-racist Black Live Matter movement, which has found support in many Latin American countries,” says Father Michael Heinz.

This makes it all the more important that a new signal should be sent out from the United States after 3 November: US policy must once again become more multilateral, anti-racist, environmentally friendly and social. “One sign of hope is presidential candidate Joe Biden’s announcement that he is closely monitoring Brazil’s Amazonian policies.” It would be a strong signal if a new US administration actually invests USD 20 billion to stop the deforestation of the world’s lungs.

The stalled dialogue process with Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua must also be relaunched. “Isn’t an embargo policy rather counterproductive, because it leads to a solidarity of the population with the criticized regimes and it also serves as an excuse for the rulers there for their own mismanagement?” asks Adveniat CHIEF Father Heinz. “The price of an embargo policy is always paid by the civilian population, never by the ruling elites.” It is perfectly possible to enter into a dialogue with autocratic regimes without having to renounce the legitimate demand for respect for human rights and democratic fundamental rights.

A new president will be elected in the United States on 3 November. Republican incumbent Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden are up for election.

Adveniat, the Latin America relief organization of the Catholic Church in Germany, stands for church commitment on the margins of society and on the side of the poor. To this end, Adveniat works decisively in church and society in Germany. The work is supported by hundreds of thousands of donors – especially in the annual Christmas collection on 24 and 25 December. Adveniat is 95 percent funded by donations. The aid works: last year, around 1,900 projects were supported, with more than 36 million euros starting exactly where the aid is most needed: at the grassroots level, directly with the poor.

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