Ruchheims Police as Cowboys on the Road.


A dangerous situation could have developed on Sunday morning at about 09:00 in the area of the BAB 650 in the district of Ellerstadt.

Immediately next to the motorway there is an enclosure with several cows. One of the young animals, however, had opted for a morning Sunday walk, behind the protective plank, along the highway and left its enclosure in an unknown way. An attentive motorist had recognized the situation from the highway and informed the police. Four officers from the Ruchheim police highway station moved out and demonstrated their skills as cowboys and girls.

The officers not only managed to keep the cow away from the highway, but also to lead the animal back into its enclosure. Neither humans nor animals were injured in the operation.


Ruchheims Police as Cowboys on the Road.
Kühe im Gehege neben der Autobahn.