“That overwhelms me!” – Markus Lanz reacts to racism of Trump Supporter Tina Chittom . .

?‍⚕️ US Trump-Fan goes rough.


Markus Lanz wanted to talk with a Trump supporter about the divided USA. But the conversation quickly got off track. In the end, Tina Chittom let her ideas about racism run free.

It should probably become a conversation between people who have different political views and can discuss them objectively. On Wednesday evening, the fanatical Trump voter Tina Chittom was one of the guests on Markus Lanz’s talk show – and gave some crazy theories.

Markus Lanz shocked about Talk guest Tina Chittom.

It all began with the Corona Pandemic and Donald Trump’s handling of the virus. Chittom, translator and herself a member of the “Republican Overseas”, agrees with the US president: the corona virus does not pose a risk. “99 percent of those under 70 survive. I think this is being exaggerated in the media. Just closing down the largest economy in the world has worse consequences,” she said. Lanz objected, asking his talk guest how she explains the fact that more than 200,000 people have now died. “I am not an epidemiologist. The whole thing is politicized,” Chittom replied, and then questioned the effectiveness of masks.

This motivated the other guests present to oppose them and explain to her that in the meantime it had been proven that mouth-nose protection does help. The physicist and digital epidemiologist from the RKI, Prof. Dirk Brockmann, was also a guest and explained to Chittom: “In fact, everything you said is wrong,” he told her plainly. But it is now well known that this argument does not appeal to passionate Corona deniers and Trump fans. Chittom explained that for her it was a “religious-cultural question”. “The scientific people pretend that it is the pest,” she said.

Discussion about Black Lives Matters..

Lawyer Sandra Navidi, who lives in the USA herself, replied angrily: “That is why the USA is where it is now: because it denies scientists. While the talk guests around Markus Lanz were already at the end of their tether at this point, things only got worse from then on.

Chittom explained that in the USA, African Americans make up only six percent of the population, but commit 40 percent of the crimes. What, in her opinion, was the reason for this? Black fathers leave their families too often and do not take proper care of their children. That is “their culture,” she said, whereupon actor Christian Berkel asked shocked: “Well, which culture?”

Although the “Proud Boys”, who Trump mentioned during the first debate with Joe Biden, were right-wing, Chittom considered the “Black Lives Matter” movement ” racist against white people”.

Berkel burst his collar when he said that the movement was committed to fighting police violence after blacks were repeatedly shot by police.
“This is an anarcho-Marxist movement. It has existed before. They want to abolish the police and revolutionize capitalist society,” replied the Trump supporter.

Flawless Racism…?

Lanz himself also seemed shocked. He remembered a trip to Baltimore, where he had seen black children coming out of school in a poor neighborhood. He had imagined at the time that these children could do anything in life, but would probably slip into crime simply because of their social structures. “They negate these structural problems,” he said to Chittom. What she responded to this caused a shock moment in the studio.

“If black people become drug dealers in the USA, it could also have genetic causes!”

“This has nothing to do with racism. It has sociological reasons. Or genetic reasons,” she said. “Please what?” Lanz wanted to know in a completely perplexed way. “That’s the basis of racism,” Berkel said indignantly. “I do not think it is so either, but you don’t know it,” Chittom excused herself and thus made Prof. Brockmann furious. “That has been researched,” he said. “It’s so deep below ground. We shouldn’t be doing it on this level,” said Lanz, who apparently had to collect himself briefly. But he did not end the conversation with Tina Chittom, on the contrary, he continued to ask her about Trump’s chances of winning.

In the end, Lanz summed up by saying that he had not thought that the discussion would be so hard. “It overwhelms me emotionally,” he let the round know. On the net, many viewers reacted to the racist talk guest and wondered why Tina Chittom was invited by the editorial staff in the first place.

“To let this racist talk like that on German TV in 2020 without throwing her out the Studio, is a poor testimony to the moderator and to the ZDF.