The Free and Even Paid CDN: Arc.IO

The 1. CDN That Pays.


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Did You know there is a Content Delivery Network (Short: CDN) which pays Users for Using it?
Info: CDN´s are Bridges, which delivers Content from Your Website from other Servers.
This makes Websites faster. And now here is Arc.

It uses a Crowd Shared Bandwidth, but has ´no j negative Impact on Your User.

And what is better? It pays YOU.

I installed it on a fresh WordPress Site and Wow – after just one day there where almost 12 Cents in a Day without many Posts. On Google AdSense for Example, a fresh Blank Site can have 0,001 Cents to whatever but no 12 Cents on a Site without Content.


The Free and Even Paid CDN: Arc.IO

Yes 12 Cents are not the World, but again it was a fresh Install.



Load the WordPress Plugin if you have a Small or Medium WP Site or check out the other Ways to install it.

Even more.

Is Arc secure?
Arc is designed with security in mind and adheres to security industry best practices.

All data cached on devices is encrypted with bank-grade 256-bit AES.

All data in transit to and from Arc’s infrastructure is encrypted over HTTPS/TLS.

All data in transit across Arc’s peer-to-peer network is encrypted over DTLS.

Additionally, all of Arc’s hosted infrastructure runs on Google’s secure Cloud (GCP), and the domain that serves Arc’s widget,, is safeguarded against domain hijacking.